What To Do With Spider-Man?

So, with the whole recent Sony hack, it seems much of the future of the Spider-Man movies is up in the air. I'm torn on how I feel they should move forward. I'd like to see him return to Marvel, but then that all but guarantees yet another reboot of the franchise. I really don't know if we need another reboot so soon.… »1/08/15 6:45am1/08/15 6:45am


Mainpage People Sure Are Angry

People are really, really heated about that kid's name, huh? I mean, I didn't think it was that bad. I almost named, and at times regret not naming, my youngest Aeris. And my cousin named her kid freaking Nevaeh. I think that ranks much higher on the list of horrible names. »1/05/14 2:28am1/05/14 2:28am