The trail had gone cold on Gator. Weeks of searching had turned up nothing.

In the meantime, the city held a big funeral procession for the Silver Shadow. Spider-Man watched from the rooftops as thousands gathered to share in this moment of remorse. Among the honored guests was the Shadow's two children. The daughter was obviously broken up, but his son, a large Dolph Lundgren -looking guy, seemed almost unconcerned. The son then received a phone call in the middle of the proceedings, and took off.

"Well, that's not suspicious. Not at all".

Spidey webbed across the skyline, shadowing "Dolph" to whatever was so important that he had to leave his father's funeral. Eventually, the man stopped in gang territory, and began roughing up a gang member, trying to get answers about his father's killer. Unfortunately for him, 10 more members of the same gang decided then to come to their buddy's aid.


Unable to let things go down like this, I leaped into action. I managed to take two out early, webbed to the ground, unconscious. In the meantime, they'd managed to gang up and take out Dolph. A few pulled guns, and began shooting at me. The others drew crowbars, and rushed me.

A flurry of incredible dodges wasn't enough. The punks in question were able to score a few lucky hits, including a critical crowbar shot to Spidey's skull. His vision blurred, but he remained standing. Spider-Man was down to one hit point, and still looking at 6 guys to go. But he had to try and save Dolph.


Things went from bad to worse, as a couple of new heroes ( new characters for some of the other players) arrived on the scene. Spider-Man was still a fugitive, and he had to be taken down as well as the gang members. Within seconds, the two new heroes dropped the gang members. Leaving me to deal with both heroes. I dodged multiple blasts, gunfire, and flying unconscious gang members in my bid to escape.

A lucky break allowed Spider-Man to escape to the rooftops. Once there, there was no way for the two new guys to keep up. Spidey swung away, hurt, but neither critically injured nor dead. A quick stop to drop off his costume, and Peter O'Hara checked himself into the local hospital as a mugging victim. His recovery would take about a week.


Elsewhere, Gator was once again on the move...

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